Empowering The Youth: The Leaders of Today

by Parin

“We worry what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget he is someone today.”
– Stacia Tauscher

Empowering The Youth!

Empowering The Youth! ©iStockphoto.com/RichVintage

The Youth of Today.
Not only The Leaders of Tomorrow.
They are also The Leaders of Today.

So it’s important to not only educate students, but to also empower them.

To instill them with the confidence, and courage, to pursue their dreams.

To let them know that it’s OK to make mistakes, and failure is just a part of the process.

To ultimately provide them with opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

For example, Krian Sethi’s “i can” movement is doing wonders in India and all over the world.

She’s not only teaching students course subjects.
She’s empowering them to make a difference by learning about current issues, where students then organize initiatives to help the cause (i.e. launching campaigns, educating parents, etc.).

She’s showing them that they are more than capable of being The Leaders of Today – no matter what age.

Experiences like these are truly priceless, especially when you’re younger.

So when I watched the “Ontario Student Leadership Conference (OSLC) 2010 – Community Cares Video – Life Changing” video (watch below), it not only put a smile on my face, it was also very inspiring. :)

It was inspiring to see all these students share various quotes and messages of hope, leadership, success and GREATness.

I’ve never attended or been involved with the OSLC.

But if this video is any indication, the they’re sharing in the mission to not only educate students, but to also empower them to become The Leaders of Today.

What do you think?
Have you worked with or attended the OSLC or similar conferences?
How was your experience there?

Share your comments in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about your experiences and your opinions.

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  • rande3p

    empowering people >

  • Parin

    There’s only so much teaching you can do. You have to empower students (and people in general) to make their own decisions, make mistakes, and learn.

    I just read a great interview with Entrepreneur Mike Repole in SUCCESS Magazine. He co-founded Glaceau vitamin water, which was sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion, and now he’s a Managing Partner at Energy Brands.

    In his interview he says:

    “I don’t believe in hiring managers. I believe in hiring coaches who push people to levels they never dreamed they could go.”

    That’s the same mentality we should use with students too. Don’t just “teach” them, “coach” them, and give them opportunities and environments to take their goals and dreams to a higher level.

    You can read his full interview here.

  • Swati

    Hey Parin,

    OSLC video was really nice :)

    I did not know this before reading this blog. But yes, I’ve attended many courses of The Art Of Living Organizatios which changed my life, which taught me many things such as smile,be with yourself, give love,follow your heart etc.

    They also have the similar fun/games and teaching techniques. All the quotes in the above mentioned video are covered in different courses of this organization. There is one more plus point is – Yoga and meditaion is part of these courses. I belive you also meditate so you can understand the experience of meditation.


    • Parin

      Glad you liked it Swati! :)

      I’ve heard of The Art of Living from others as well (you, Bindiya and a couple others) and it sounds like a wonderful organization. I’m really glad to hear that it had such a positive impact on your life! :)

      Yah, I think the last thing you want to do is have a lecture style approach where everyone just listens to someone go through some slides or notes in the front of the room. 😉

      Games, exercises, trivia, anything that gets people engaged is one of the best way to teach, learn and most of all, have fun. Instead of memorizing notes, you’re actually involved and learn hands on, which is far more effective!

      Yes, I do practice meditation and breathing exercises such as pranayam (although I’m not at the level I want to be yet!). I used to pray/meditate when I was younger, but never really understood the benefits of deep meditation and pranayam until last year. It really has a profound impact on your over lifestyle, health and mental strength. :)


  • http://www.ElectrasMonograms.com Electra

    You had me at the quote and the photo! I try to lead and teach, when what I really need to do is observe and learn from my kids. They teach me everyday!
    Be well,

    • Parin

      Thanks Electra!

      I know, I love the photo and the quote! As soon as I came across the photo in istockphoto.com, I knew I had to use it for this post! Such a powerful image. :)

      And I completely agree. You can learn something everyday from kids. I was actually talking to the cab driver about this same topic on my way home from the airport a couple days ago. He was telling me how his younger one is so curious and not only asking the “why? how?” of everything, but also reminding him and teaching him things as well.


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